EIF Partnership

The European Internet Foundation (EIF) and iPoort have agreed to work together in a ‘go-local’ partnership to improve political understanding of information society issues at the national and European level. Information Technology has a global reach with a local impact on societies. This partnership allows the EIF to tap into Dutch national issues and iPoort to present the European perspective on Information Technology.

In January 2014 both organizations signed a Memorandum of Understanding outlining the initial stages of cooperation in Europe which include:

- exchange of programme information;
- invitations to iPoort political members to attend EIF meetings in Brussels;
- invitations to EIF members to attend iPoort meetings in The Hague;
- invitations to EIF members to participate in relevant iPoort policy studies.

Malcolm Harbour, MEP and EIF Governor Responsible for Outreach to EU member-state legislators, Astrid Oosenbrug, MP Dutch Parliament and iPoort Board of Advice and Frits Bussemaker, chairman iPoort.

This MoU is the second go-local partnership for the EIF. The EIF has earlier signed a partnership with the Digital Policy Alliance from the UK. The EIF is interested in considering synergies with other organisations within other EU member states.

About the European Internet Foundation

The European Internet Foundation (EIF) was founded in March 2000 by three Members of the European Parliament: James Elles, Erika Mann and Elly Plooij-van Gorsel.

EIF’s mission is to help provide European political leadership for the development of European and multilateral public policies responsive to the political, economic and social challenges of the worldwide digital transformation. Its purpose is to help ensure that Europe remains at the forefront of this transformation and benefits fully from it through enhanced global competitiveness and social progress. 
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For more information on the Partnership, please contact Maria Rosa Gibellini or Frits Bussemaker